Top 5 Must haves for an epic water battle

May 06, 2023

With the invention of the Spyra Tech, water battles have become so much more than just soaking your opponent. No more yelling and running towards your human of choice. That’s still fun, for sure, but it’s even more fun that you now have the chance to make video games reality. The real-life gameplay.

Just as in video games, you can create a whole world around water battles. Set up an arena with obstacles or get creative with mother nature. We show you, what you really need to make your next water battle next level epic!

1. The proper water gun

A player is only as good as his equipment. For the teamsport character you need a water gun that shoots individual blasts instead of a weak stream of water. We want to see the clear hits on the opponent's clothes, not just how wet he got in that water battle.

Only with clear hits can successes be counted and appropriate measures be taken for the course of the game. Therefore, the SpyraBlast Tech revolutionized the water battle and brought it to a whole new level.

2. A smart water resource 

In a serious match – Team Blue against Team Red – there is no time to run to the bathroom and refill the water gun. Instead, a water resource is needed that does its job on the pitch and reliably supplies the players with munition during the game – best in team colours.

This way, the opposing team can no longer seal off the river, lake or bucket and wait until you have used up your blasts. Even though this is a pretty clever tactic, it makes the game boring. So not with us! The SpyraBase is the perfect water resource for your next match. Coming in team colours it makes sure to get an amazing water battle.

3. Various obstacles and places to hide

Fighting a water battle in the open can be really dull, don’t you think? That’s so much running and shooting that we come back to the “yelling and running towards your opponents” strategy. When there would be a dislike button, we even would generate fake accounts to push it. So what’s a better solution for that?

We need obstacles and places to hide! Check the terrain data first. Are you playing in the open and need to set up strategic covers or are you in your backyard with lots of nooks and crannies to hide behind? Then review the terrain data. Where to set up the covers for each team? If there are natural covers - which of them belong to Team Red's and which of them to Team Blue's territory?

4. Rules that set the game

To be soaked or not to be soaked has become boring. One of the reasons we built the SpyraBlasters is that we wanted to have an actual, tacti-cool water fight with more strategic depth. The clear hits now ensure a clear winner but how do you actually win?

They are plenty of options when it comes to water battles. You can play 2 vs. 2 for a set time and every hit is a point for the other team. You can play a variation of capture the flag but with the SpyraBase or a version of the old zombie game. Read more in our blogpost.

Pro tip: Get inspiration from your favourite video game and adjust the rules to the water game.

5. The right style 😎

It's not called "dress to impress" for nothing. A good style can certainly bring you a few authority points up the scale. How about some dope af sunglasses? They don’t just protect you from the sun but also from splashes in a hot battle. Never let your opponents out of your sight and show your team pride with the SpyraSpecs in Team colours.

For some of you, sun glasses maybe won’t be enough. For epic water battles at SPYRA at least, we love to also dress in team colours –red and blue shirts for example. Simply identify your team mates, even from far away. Take every advantage that you can.  

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Enhance your game.
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