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SpyraBase -
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robin B.
Awesome tool for a strategic gameplay

I often go to the park with my buddies to play a game with the SpyraTwo. The base offers a perfect opportunity to charge the gun. A base has a lot of space for water and can hold enough for a whole game. In addition, the teams can mark their territory with it and have a strategic point. Therefore, it is also smart that the base is available in red and blue.

The quality of the base is good and the cost-performance ratio is good.

Christian G.
Handle with care

The item is good and serves its purpose. But be careful that you do not pull it over sharp stones.

L. K.
Absolute must have for every water battle

This thing is dope.

I bought four Spyra Two for myself and my family this summer. In addition, I got a BASE although I did not know why I need this at all.
But already at the first (epic) water battle, we realized the usefulness of the BASE. We had one team equipped with the BASE and the other always reloaded at the sink. Within a short time, it was clear that the team with the BASE had a big advantage. The water can be charged very easily and quickly and the BASE can be used everywhere.

For me as a family man, there is also another reason to love the BASE. It can be folded super easily and barely takes up much space for storage. Especially with two children in the house, this is a great benefit.

Conclusion: One BASE is good. Four BASES are epic!