Thanks for your purchase of the SpyraLX™ - the world's strongest water gun! To give you a head start, take a look at our instruction video where we'll tell you in just 100 seconds how to use the SpyraLX.
Thank you for your purchase of the SpyraLX™️ - the world´s strongest mechanical SingleBlaster! To give you a head start, take a look at our step by step instruction on how to use the SpyraLX.

Step by step

1. Dip the SpyraLX into clean tapwater. Pump by extending and retracting the back handle.
2. Stop pumping as soon as the tank indicator stops moving upwards.
Before the water fight starts, make sure that the back handle is fully retracted.

First time use

If your SpyraLX has a completely empty water tank, ...
1. ...then dip the SpyraLX in a source of clean tap water and start pumping by moving the back handle.
2. Push the rear handle forward while pulling the trigger at the same time.
Repeat step 1 & 2 until the tank indicator starts moving.

Over pressure

Stop pumping when the indicator reaches the back end. If only small droplets come out while shooting, your SpyraLX might be overfilled. But don´t worry!
Just repeatedly push the trigger several times until a blast is released. It may take a moment until your SpyraLX is able to release the overpressure and blasts normally again.


Before storing the SpyraLX, be sure that the tank is empty. Extend and rectract the back handle multiple times to pump out residual water after your last blast.

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Enhance your game.
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Enhance your game.
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