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SpyraSpecs Blue

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Customer Reviews

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Best Water Gun since Super Soaker

I have both the Spyra 2 & 3 and I must say these are by far the best water guns in the game. I love going to pool parties with my Spyras, only because I always run into someone with a 3rd class water gun from China(Temu, Alibaba) or amazon and I always come on top as the victor.

Eric D.
Awesome Squirt Gun!!! And Sunglasses

Went with the Spyra Three, fast reloading, amazing display screen, long range, and all 3 settings are really cool. I only give this squirt gun a 4 star due too the fact after about 6 shots it's empty and feels like your refilling more then actually shooting. Again still fun and powerful. Would love too see integrated backpack with water/hose that makes it last longer, where you can either use the backpack or just the gun. Loved the sunglasses, perfect match too the team your on.

Jared G.
Nice design

I like the way the glasses represent the color of your team along with being very sleek and cool.