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About Spyra

Spyra reinvents the water gun after years of stagnation. As a modern hightech version for technology-loving, young-at-heart adults. Individual water blasts for more power, range and precision. For epic water matches with friends.
The SpyraOne™ paved the way for the revolution. The SpyraTwo takes it to a new level.


SpyraTwo – Start the match of the summer. Busy schedule, email flooding and your smartphone rings non-stop - STOP! Is that really how you want to create memories?

We say: Break free of your daily routine and start an epic match with your friends! No matter if there are two or four of you or a larger group - refill the SpyraTwo and get started!

Forget the world around you and experience moments from your childhood days you almost forgot. Everyone who grew up in the 90s will remember the wild water fights with their friends from the neighborhood.

But we take it to a whole new level: individual water blasts ensure precise hits, the electric pump automatically refills the water gun within seconds and the PowerShot awakens the inner child in even the most serious 'business man'.

These are the features for strategic gameplay, no matter where you are. Turn the city park, the beach or your backyard into your arena. Experience the thrill of a hightech water gun in a relaxed and completely harmless water battle.

The SpyraTwo is the gadget to turn time with friends into unforgettable water action. Whether you are at a barbecue, at the lake or on a weekend trip. Whether team red against blue in a strategic game or everyone against everyone - no one stays dry here. Toys were yesterday. Gather your friends and rivals for epic water matches.

Technical Details

  • The SpyraTwo shoots precise, harmless water blasts. The basis for this is the physical phenomenon called 'laminar flow', which is also used in ornamental fountains.

  • A specially designed nozzle-valve combination reduces turbulence in the water and enables clearly visible and noticeable hits at a distance of 10 meters. The maximum range of the SpyraTwo is 15 meters.

  • The tank of the SpyraTwo holds approx. 22 water blasts, each with a volume of almost 30 ml. During the water battle, a digital display always shows the remaining water volume in percent. No more exhausting pumping to build up pressure or time-consuming refilling of the tank: an automatic, electronic pump ensures that the tank is refilled by simply dipping the muzzle into a clean water source.

  • Fully charged, the integrated battery enables 100 tank loads and has the power to automatically re-fill the water tank.

  • All electronics are encapsulated in a robust shell with a futuristic design inspired by blasters from sci-fi action shooters. With two team colors, red and blue, for optimal gameplay.

Spyra GmbH

Facts & Figures

  • Founded on March 22nd, 2018.

  • Currently, 13 water gun enthusiasts work for Spyra.

  • The first SpyraOne were delivered to water battle fans worldwide in summer 2020. By the end of 2020, more than 11,000 units had been delivered.

  • The SpyraTwo is the second generation and will be launched in summer 2021.

  • In 2018, the SpyraOne project closed on Kickstarter as the most successful German crowdfunding campaign of the year. A total of 460,000 € was raised through pre-orders.

  • Spyra GmbH holds a patent that protects the function of the intake through the front and the pressure build-up, which is electromechanical. A second patent protects the valve and trigger unit, this has not been published yet.

Founder and Ceo

Sebastian Walter

Sebastian Walter studied design and has been fighting water battles with friends since he was a child. Back in the 90s, with the legendary Super Soakers. In 2015, an adequate gadget was needed for the perfect boat trip to Munich: A water gun to revive the fun of former times. And to satisfy his inner child.

However, Sebastian did not find what he was looking for. So he took it into his own hands. He quit his job as a freelance designer to realise his vision: To develop the best water gun in the world. So far, this has resulted in the SpyraOne and the founding of the Spyra GmbH.