We love water gun enthusiasts! And they seem to love us, too: Together, we have launched the greatest water gun revolution the world has seen since the early 90s.

Now there is no going back: For as long as our amazing community asks for more, we will never stop inventing.
Spyra - Where Things move Fast And sometimes catch fire!
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Apply anyway! Send us an Email at jobs@spyra.com with your CV and your Super Power.
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Valiant adventurers, odd inventors, evil masterminds: In the heart of the Bavarian Capital of Munich, passionate young women and men gather every day to develop Spyra Tech that really is not from this world.

Many toy companies have people in the hundreds or thousands, Spyra has just 20. But that’s okay, because we all have super powers. Scroll down to meet the crew:
Andrew - Head of Technology
Life on the edge. When he is not working on secret Spyra Tech, he is in the gym or participates in underground street racing. Spends outrageous amounts of money on hair products, because his fast and furious life is seriously messing with his style.
Sebastian - CEO
This genius /madman founded Spyra some years ago and has a burning passion for disruptive innovations and questioning the status quo. His management style is largely based on the movie '300' delivering mostly roundhouse kicks on Spyra's way to world domination.
Maurice - Head of Operations
Purchasing legend: whatever he orders, he gets double the amount ...for half the price ...in half the time. It's surreal. Always keeping his cool and highly charismatic. Government tried to headhunt him as their new chief hostage negotiator, but he respectfully refused.
Marvin is basically Zorro with Tony Stark sprinkles tossed in. Plus large quantities of engine grease, which he is covered in almost all the time. While he may not have an Arc Reactor, his water gun prototypes are equally badass.
Julia is the most passionate and rigorous engineer you'll ever meet. She reads patents like it's the morning news and is said to sleepwalk in her apartment at night, conducting imaginary experiments. If only there was a Nobel Prize in engineering.
A thoughtful young man strangely attracted to everything flammable. At Spyra, his talent was immediately recognized. He was made chief of pyrotechnics and explosions and since then our office has never sparkled brighter.
Well-tempered and calm, Stefan is almost meditating at work. Nothing fazes this guy. Except when his over-the-weekend 48 hour CGI poster-size rendering crashes minutes before completion. Then he is all Hulk Smash and does the table flip like a boss.
Ever heard how an eagle in the sky can spot a mouse from 2 miles away? Same thing with Florian. He can spot your parcel while it's in the DHL truck out for delivery. Florian organises our infrastructure, moving goods between factories and warehouses. Needless to say, he really likes Excel.
Ace sales woman with legendary bargaining skills. At the blackjack table, she will negotiate a 21 before cards are even dealt. We have speculated what would happen if Franzi was selling something – and Maurice was purchasing. Their super powers would probably clash in a giant explosion.
Jacob loves lightning and smoke. This made him friends with Kilian really fast. A match made in heaven, only the premium for our fire insurance went up again. He is a wizard when it comes to embedded systems and everything that is connected.
Raised by the howling wolves of the Croatian forests, Damir is indestructible. Many compare him to Conan the Barbarian. And that may very well be true, because he *will* ask you what is best in life and you better have a good answer.
Felix started his career in mechanical engineering in the womb. He joined the association of German Engineers when he was 18 months old. Safe to say, he's got it. And we need it. And we fly him in when we need more if it. Because you need it, to get it. Understood?
Super energetic social media manager. Can draw her mobile phone faster than Clint Eastwood his six-shooter. In a duel, she will have made a Tiktok, sent a Tweet, and posted an Instagram Story by the time you finished your unlock pattern.
'That's okay – we can later fix that in Photoshop.' Lara is a laid back graphic artist with an uncanny attention to detail. Her Photoshop wizardry made her instantly popular with Melanie who is always looking to post some stunning visuals on social media.
This man never rounds up. And he never rounds down. But when he is warming up on his mechanical calculator, you'll get the sweetest drum solos. A millicent (the 1/100'000th of a US$) wasn't really a thing at Spyra. It is now. Maxi is a fun guy, just never ask him for 'a ballpark figure'.
Cathy is a strong believer that the pen is mightier than the sword (or gun). How this brought her to Spyra is still puzzling even to her. She is in charge of Public Relations, knows all the journalists, reporters, critics and magazine editors, in short, all the people who write a lot.
This man really likes numbers! When he is not coding the matrix, he will totally checkmate you in like 4 moves. 'Hey Robert, what would happen if the diameter of the moon was tripled but it was made entirely of chocolate fudge?' – Just lean back and enjoy the show.
Josephine has read it all, corporate law, trade law, IP law. She is the nicest girl in the world, but if you break it, she is all like 'I AM THE LAW!' and will totally roast you alive. Believe it or not, there is a lot of weird stuff going on when you run a webshop. Credit card frauds are her speciality.
Every great story has a beginning – and the founding of Spyra as a world-renowned toy company was far from inevitable.

Follow us through our ups and downs and see how Spyra became the company it is today. We might even tell you a little about what we plan to do next. The legend grows.
You have something on your mind and want to get in touch? Please select the subject and we are excited to sit down and have a (virtual) gin and tonic!