Best three game modes for water fights

Apr 08, 2023

In retrospect, much of the fun we remember from the summer water fights of our childhood was born from our imagination: We did not have water guns, but anti-undead blasters and were fighting not our friends, but slimy zombies (and the occasional unlucky adult who crossed our path).

These days, it’s hard to come up with the same feeling of thrill we had back then. To be soaked or not to be soaked has become boring. That is… with regular water guns.


SpyraBlasters: made for water battles with strategic depth

One of the reasons we built the SpyraBlasters is that we wanted to have an actual, tacti-cool water fight with more strategic depth to it than just trying to not get soaked.

Check out the 3 best water fight game modes with scientifically validated fun. (Those were inspired by this guide by Aman113. Thanks!)


1. Base offensive: Invade the base of your opponent's team

This water fight game mode is suitable for a rather small group of 3 or 4 players with SpyraBlasters.

Preparation: Define the base and the teams.

At first, you have to define a base. It could be a bush you can hide behind, or you could build yourself some sort of shelter. All players need SpyraBlasters. As the teams can be identified easily in this scenario, it is not necessary to choose team colours.

Goal: Attack/defend the base.

One team represents the invaders and the other one the defenders. The defender/s can be one or two players. They hide in their base and try to prevent the invaders to reach their shelter. The invaders on the contrary try to hit the defenders to take them out.

How to win: Whichever team loses all their lives first is out.

Two hits with the precise water bullet to the body count as one life, as well as 4 hits to arms, legs, or anywhere else. Counting hits is easy, as the SpyraBlasters will leave clear wet stains on your opponents’ clothing.

If the invaders reach the base, they win, but if the invaders are being hit before they can take out all of the defenders, the defenders win.


2. Infected mode: Try to be the last survivor

The modern version of the old zombie game. Infected is played with at least 3 people and the ideal place is a large outdoor area with many obstacles to hide and seek shelter. You need as many SpyraBlasters as there are survivors in the game.

Preparation: Choose the respawn point and deposit water bombs.

One person is chosen to be the first one infected. He or she gets equipped with water bombs or alternatively just regular balls. The rest of the players are survivors and get full SpyraBlasters with 22 to 25 blasts each.

Also, decide on a spawn area for the infected: it could be an area around a tree or a bush, for example. You should depose a box with several water bombs there.

Rules: Infect or be infected!

The infected will count to 25 with their eyes closed. While the infected is counting, all survivors go and set up somewhere to hide.

The infected tries to hit the survivors with water bombs. If they are being hit, they transform into an infected too. Whoever is infected leaves his or her SpyraBlaster behind and goes to the spawn area to take water bombs and infect the remaining survivors.

The survivors shoot back with their SpyraBlaster. As the infected are pretty tough, it takes two clear hits on the body to make the infected person respawn. Watch your tank display and take care not to run out of water in the wrong moment.

How to win: Survive until your opponents are out of water.

The infected win if everyone has become infected. The survivors win if they can conquer the respawn point or the infected are out of infected water bombs.


3. Domination: Capture all areas with your team to win

Would you have guessed by the name? This game mode is heavily inspired by Call of Duty. It’s best suited for 2 teams of at least 3 players. Because the team character is permanent in this one, ideally you distribute SpyraBlaster according to the team colour: red or blue.

Preparation: Define a home base and three target areas.

Build at least two teams and define a home base for them. Deposit a water source in them or define a natural water source like a fountain as a home base. Then define three areas in between the home bases: A, B, and C. You can decide how big the boundaries of each area are.

Mark it with whatever you can find. The easiest thing is to put a stick on the ground and you have to be within 2 and 3 meters of the stick to be within the area.

Rules: Capture an area to take control of it.

Two clear water blasts hits to the body or four shots anywhere else mean that you are out and must go back to your team's home base. Count to five in your home base to respawn before you go to take back the areas. In the meantime, you can also refill and repressurize your SpyraBlaster here.

How to win: The first team to have control of all three areas wins.

To capture an area, you have to stay within it for 20 seconds for your team to claim control of it.



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We’re curious: Which kind of game modes would you try with your SpyraBlaster? Tell us on in the social media dms or shoot us a line at



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