Why is the SpyraOne Red/Blue?

Mar 08, 2021

You have been wondering for a long time why the SpyraOne is (only) available in the colors red and blue? What was the inspiration behind the colors of the SpyraOne and is there more behind our color choice than you would think at first glance? For you as a real SpyraFan, here is the full backstory and the reason why there can really only be red and blue!

Did you know that colors can manipulate our subconscious? As soon as colors come (literally) into play in our world, nothing is left to chance. Have you ever wondered why red teams seem stronger and blue teams weaker every time? This is neither a coincidence nor is it imaginary. Several studies have shown that in action-based gameplays, the red team is on average more successful than the blue team.

The biggest scam in gaming history? Not quite, because that has nothing to do with the game itself, but with our evolution-driven color perception. For us, the color red has always been an indicator of danger which led us to be more attentive and created a need for urgency, fast decision-making, focus and vigilance, while blue ensures calm and relaxation and thus promotes creativity and long-term planning.

But if you are now thinking of always playing team red from now on, then here is another fact for you. In strategy-based gameplays such as League of Legends, blue teams on average win more often than red teams. Here, too, the color subconsciously influences our gaming behavior and this time, a calculated game strategy with long-term planning is more successful in most cases – exactly the behavior that is triggered by the subconscious influence of the color blue. So, it depends on the type of game which team color has a better chance of winning and with this knowledge you can now increase your chances from the start.

The subconscious manipulation of color is not only found in game theory. Brands also use colors to subconsciously exert influence and arouse certain associations:

 Brand Colors Associations

It is precisely for this reason that these color and psychological differences between blue and red have been used countless times not only in online games such as Halo but also in country flags and brand logos. However, what counts most for us is the teams and their players.

Are you the brave shooter from team red or the strategic precision sniper from team blue? Depending on each game mode, one or the other color has a possible advantage. Play red in deathmatch mode or blue in strategy-based capture the flag and use not only skill but color to win the game!


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