The ultimate Christmas gifts for men that have everything

Dec 07, 2022

Do you want a Christmas present for men that puts everything else in the shadows? Then forget all your boring standard men’s gift ideas. Ties, scarves and slippers! Get the hot tip of the year 2022.

"Men just wanna have fun" with their Christmas gifts

Where's the excitement and the thrill under the Christmas tree? Probably the same place all the wool socks have gone that have piled up over the years. Inside every man there is an excited child, just waiting to get up to nonsense and tease the family. SPYRA offers the perfect Christmas gift for men all ages that already have everything. It’s time for epicness.

Get the fun back - for an epic Christmas

So what can be done to make this Christmas a highlight? Quite simple – with the absolute contrast to your average Christmas agenda! You need a Christmas gift like they used to be, with no purpose, no benefit, no point – except for the purpose of being fun! A men’s Christmas gift that is cool and lots of fun at the same time. Fun that you thought was ticked off with childhood!

With the SpyraBlasters none of these wishes for a men’s Christmas gift remain unfulfilled. High-tech water blasters with an ultra-cool design and ingenious features! For matches with your buddies or solo trick shots. The SpyraTwo™ as well as the SpyraLX™ are full of inspiration and fun. Get precision, range and power for the real-life gameplay feeling.

SpyraTwo™ – the real Christmas gift for men

The SpyraTwo™ is no ordinary water gun - it is the world’s strongest water gun with Sci-Fi design and high-tech features. Individual blasts, auto-reload and a tactical display are on the program. Let’s dive deeper into the marvellous technologies behind the best Christmas gift for men.

Thanks to the ingenious ingenuity of our super brains, the patented SpyraBlast Technology was brought into this world. This supreme SPYRA technology enables single, powerful water bullets that hit exactly where you aim. With the special Laminar Technology that makes the water blast solid over a long range, it is also possible to see exactly where you have hit your target. Clear hits guarantee a clear winner. And now hold on tight, there is another special to the best Christmas gift for men. If you pull the trigger continuously during a shot, the next level unlocks: the Power Shot. This is the most powerful blast, which reaches targets up to 15 metres away. You even feel the recoil!

The tactical display of the SpyraTwo™ enables strategic decisions and therefore makes water fights a real team sport. It always shows how many water blasts you have left in the tank and how many blasts have been already loaded and are ready to fire. With the battery status, you make sure to always be ready for the next attack. It's on you to be the brave shooter or the strategic precision sniper.

Besides its epic technical features, the SpyraTwo™ shows off with some dead serious handling attributes making it the ultimate men’s Christmas gift. When the water tank is empty, you simply dip the front of the SpyraTwo™ into water. The automatic pump will fill your water blaster completely within 10 seconds. During refilling itself, the supreme water blaster repressurizes automatically which means powerful blasts from the first to the last shot. With the Auto-Refill as well as the Constant Pressure Tech – together called Auto-Reload – you’ll be back in the game in no time.




The entirety of the features makes the SpyraTwo™ without a doubt an exquisite Christmas gift for men of all ages. For the tech fans, here are some more details:

  • 22 powerful individual blasts
  • Around 30 ml for a single blast and 100 ml for a Power Shot
  • Effective range: 10m
  • Weight (full/empty): 2,2 kg [4.8 lb]/ 2,9 kg [6.4 lb]
  • Battery lasts for over 2000 pumping cycles before recharging is necessary
  • Rate of Fire: 54,5 blasts/minute
  • USB-C charging time: 4 hours

SpyraLX – the instant-action Christmas present

SPYRA remains true to itself, of course. Its mechanical water blaster, the SpyraLX™, is just as epic as the SpyraTwo™ – what makes it an ace Christmas gift for men as well. It’s the world’s strongest manual water gun with the cool sci-fi design and top-notch SPYRA features. It comes along with the signature single blasts, the easy filling up via the tip of the water blaster and the smart Pressure Tech. The only difference is the manual handling what makes it always ready for use. Let´s talk about the details. 

The signature SpyraBlast technology is above all features is what distinguishes the SpyraLX™ from conventional water guns. Instead of the ordinary stream of water, you can fire individual water blasts. Thanks to the Luminar technology that stabilizes the blasts as they glide through the air, you'll clearly mark your opponents with the shots you fire. One tank load of the men’s Christmas gift is enough to shoot 18 powerful blasts – in quick succession. Additionally designed as a lightweight, the SpyraLX™ is very manoeuvrable and the perfect buddy for a cheeky surprise at any time.

In case you have a secret attack on mind, you are good to go in just a few pumps. Just dip the front of the SpyraLX™ in a source of water and let your muscles do the job. Pump the sturdy back handle a few times to see the tank indicator rising. Thanks to the smart PressureTech the SpyraLX™ repressurizes itself. No need for extra steps to get the power into your blasts.

The SpyraLX™ is the manual sensation of SPYRA and a welcomed guest at every pool party. You don’t have to worry if it falls into the infinity pool at one of your house parties. You just shouldn't leave it there indefinitely. Easy to handle, always ready for an attack and very robust – simply the perfect Christmas gift for men.




For our tech fans, we will provide some more technical details about our manual lightweight, of course. Here is what the SpyraLX™ comes around with summarised in a nutshell:

  • 18 powerful individual blasts
  • With back handle designed for easy reload
  • Around 30 ml for a single blast
  • Effective range: 9 m [29.5 ft]
  • Weight (full/empty): 1,8 kg [4.0 lb]/ 2,3 kg [5.1 lb]
  • Light and manoeuvrable design for instant action

SPYRA Gift Guide for men: SpyraTwo™ or SpyraLX™?

Both SpyraBlasters come along with the signature SpyraBlast Technology that that completely changes water battles. It is no longer a matter of simply wetting the opponent, but of hitting him specifically with single, powerful blasts. A clear winner and loser now emerge from the water battles, making them a true team sport. With the SpyraBlasters, you have the choice of either Team Red or Team Blue. Are you the brave shooter from team red or the strategic precision sniper from team blue? It’s on you to choose the right colour for your Christmas gift for men.

The SpyraTwo™ is without a doubt the world’s strongest water blaster. It features an auto-reload and a digital display for tactical decisions. Also, it shows of with extra powerful single Power Shots that will sweep away your opponents. When it comes to water guns, it doesn’t get more high-tech than this.

The SpyraLX™ will rely more on your physical proness. It is the best manual water blaster that was ever created on mother earth. Made for people cherish powerful blasts but don’t mind a little workout to refill. Good news though: the SpyraLX™ repressurizes itself, so once the tank indicator shows 100%, you are back in the game.

Which one is the SpyraBlaster for you men’s Christmas gift?

Break the men’s Christmas gift conventions

Do something different this year and your Christmas will be 100% more epic. At the same time, fun is guaranteed for 2023 with the SpyraBlasters. Thanks to the legendary gameplay.

You can find inspiration on our social media channels! We would be happy if you share your story with us, too. Did you gift or receive a SpyraBlaster? Share your experience with the best men’s Christmas present of 2022!

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