The strongest mechanical single blaster

Apr 13, 2022

We just released the SpyraLX. Our mechanical masterpiece!!

You might be surprised and wonder: You are Spyra, you made the SpyraTwo, the strongest water gun in the world! Why on earth would you invent a mechanical water gun now? 

Here is a bit of explanation:

The story behind SpyraLX: For several decades two types of water guns existed: mechanical and electrical. The electrical products were all garbage until Spyra came along and launched SpyraOne and SpyraTwo - the world’s strongest water guns.

But that was not enough for us! We wanted to be the best in both categories. So, we started to invent the best mechanical water gun in the world with our signature SpyraBlast Technology. This lets you shoot powerful, individual water blasts. And so, the SpyraLX came into existence.

Now the question is: which water gun is the right one for you? We don’t know because it really depends on how you want to experience your water battle. Despite both having our SpyraBlast Technology, they are different to handle.

The SpyraLX is very robust and relies more on your physical prowess. As it has no battery, you need to put some muscles into it to reload. The advantage: you don’t need to charge it overnight.

The SpyraTwo, however, does everything for you. It is super high-tech. It features an automatic reload function and a tactical display. When it comes to water guns, there is no more high-tech than this. Ideal for a strategic mastermind who likes to use equipment from the future.

At the end it really depends on what epic water battle you want to experience. Both are the best in their respective category. You better see for yourself.


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Enhance your game.
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Enhance your game.
Upgrade to the next level!

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