Chilling Water Battles

May 04, 2021

Hey, there water fighter - do you know what will really impact your water battle experience? You may have heard about dying your water in different colors but that is only the tip of the iceberg. How about you make your water battles REALLY memorable for yourself and all your friends! Here are some tips to get a unique and "chilling" Spyra water battle experience.

Give your friends "the chills”!

Getting drenched in water is all good and well but it does not motivate your teammates to give it their all. In case it is really really hot outside they might even aspire to get water blasted just to cool down a little. But that's definitely not the only way to play the game!

How about making each water blast an unforgettable experience? How do you ask? Well, here is a little fun fact for you. Did you know that water with a temperature below 15°C (60 Fahrenheit) is defined as cold and can cause a so-called cold shock response? You definitely should avoid this when jumping into a cold river or lake but in a very small dose - let's say a SpyraOne water blast - this can make your game a lot more interesting.

The SpyraOne water blasts do not hurt at all and getting hit by cold water also does not hurt but it will probably make you flinch a little each time one of the super cold water blasts makes contact with your skin. It's like getting a brain freeze but instead of your head, it's on your arm, leg, or - worst case - upper body. Something you'd try to avoid, right? Right! So, that's one way to ensure everybody is taking the game seriously - it's win or lose after all!

So how cold should the water in your SpyraOne tanks be? 15°C still seems a little too nice and warm for our liking. The best way to ensure a 'chilling' experience for all players would be to drop a good load of ice cubes into each teams' SpyraBase. The ratio should be 3:1 water to ice. This should cool the water down to 10°C (50 Fahrenheit) after approximately 10 minutes. That's what we call some good old motivational support for maximum game performance 😁

Let us know if you are interested in more facts and tips for your SpyraBattle and leave a comment if you have more ideas on how to create the ultimate water battle experience!


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