What is Spyra Up To in Winter?

Jan 05, 2021

What does a water gun selling company do in winter when the season for water fights is over? Well, mostly we enjoy our free time and devote ourselves to our hobbies, go on vacation or just sleep right through winter until we can finally start having water fights with the SpyraOne again.

But seriously…

As good as that sounds to us - it does not quite display the reality in the Spyra HQ in winter. After all, we cannot pride ourselves on the SpyraOne alone and leave it at that. Besides, that's not how we roll. What water gun nerds would we be if we didn't keep trying to make the world's strongest water gun even stronger. That's why hibernation is too boring for us and our favorite hobby – you guessed it – is water guns anyway so we keep at it. But you might be wondering what's going to happen at Spyra's headquarters in the next few months?

So what is going on?

Sorry folks, we cannot reveal too much but rest assured that we will not sit idle and twiddle our thumbs, but rather pursue our goal of designing the best water gun ever and work on further developing the SpyraOne - making it even better in the process. Are you wondering whether it can even get any better? Well, did Tony Stark design the perfect suit the first time around? Just as Iron Man could not stop continuously developing his innovation, just as little will we ever stop perfecting the SpyraOne.

Gimme some specifics!

If you can hardly wait, then you are just like us. For us, there is nothing more exciting than seeing your reaction to our ideas and improvements. And, as always, we are counting on you, too. Tell us about your experiences with the SpyraOne and let us know which improvements you would like to see. Be a valuable part of our development process. After all, you are just as crazy about water guns as we are and therefore also part of Team Spyra!

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Enhance your game.
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Enhance your game.
Upgrade to the next level!

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